Rob Rohan's Lab

Regex Widget

Simple regular expression tester. Useful when trying out regexs for Javascript code, and somewhat useful when trying to build regular expressions for other languages (like sed, ruby, or perl).


The match area at the bottom shows the array of matches and the index. It is running the match through the Javascript code Array = String.match([your regex]).

Release 1.7: Support for multiline regular expressions (for example ^[0-3]$), and made using the start and end "/" optional in the regex testing area.

Release 1.6.1: There was a slight bug in the HTML fix. This fixes the fix.

Release 1.6: Updated the matching area to better support HTML matches. HTML matches were rendering in the match window which is not likely what people want.

Release 1.5: UI overhaul. The widget looks much nicer


The software is made available under the terms of the LGPL. By downloading or using the software you agree to the terms of the LGPL.